Sim4Life Academic

ZMT offers special Sim4Life licenses to the academic world for both undergraduate and graduate students as well as for scientists in universities and research institutions. Each license paves the way for the user to simulate highly complex problems in science and engineering and to analyze biological real-world phenomena in a biologically validated anatomical environment.

Sim4Life light

S4L light visual light s

Sim4Life light is a freely available stripped-down version created specifically for students.

Sim4Life University License

S4L light visual uni s

The University License purchased with a "University Discount" is restricted to non-commercial activities.


Sim4Life Campus License

S4L light visual campus s

The Campus License is ideal for teaching purposes and is available free-of-charge.

Sim4Life for Science

S4L light visual science s

This license offers scientists a selected set of features specifically tailored to their individual research needs.