Z43 Jubilees – “Let the Good Times Roar!

Z43 celebrates the 20th anniversary of IT’IS and the 25th jubilee of SPEAG

On Friday, 29 November 2019, Z43 hosted their annual party in “roaring twenties” style to celebrate a very special occasion: the 20th anniversary of IT’IS and the 25th jubilee of SPEAG!

The event was held at Halle 622 in Zurich-Oerlikon, where employees, customers, partners, and friends from the past and present came together from around the world to mark Z43's accomplishments and share this momentous occasion.

The theme of the party was an exploration of the 1920s ‒ a time of technological breakthroughs, glamour, and decadence ‒ juxtaposed against the disruptive and pervasive technologies today at the dawn of 2020 that could lead to new upheavals and radically change how we live together.

After an Apéro of delectable tidbits served "flying" style in the foyer area, the more than 300 guests were welcomed in the main hall by host Niels Kuster, who presented a brief overview of the past one hundred years told through major political and global events, with a focus on unprecedented technological developments and highlighting Z43's achievements and important product releases along the way.

The main hall of the venue was set for Casino-style dining with tastefully decorated tables with roulette and blackjack tables in between, and the ceiling was hung with chandeliers to enhance the period atmosphere. Guests gathered between the many scrumptious dinner courses to try their luck, creating an exciting casino atmosphere. Bets were placed with shiny gold and silver SPEAG and IT’IS chips specially made for the event, and the gambling was for a good cause as all winning chips were collected at the end of the evening to be donated to Doctors without Borders.

Entertainment was provided throughout the evening by seven different groups of Z43 employees, who had been working together since August in top-secret sessions to create their individually funny, edgy, and genius acts that made for a very special experience for all of the guests. Some of the acts were executed strictly in the foyer, some in the main hall, others had components presented in both areas or moved from the hall to the foyer. The names and concepts of the acts were wickedly clever: "Flying Circus" and "Drive-by-Shooting" by the "Mafia" Production Team; "Endless Beginners" by the Service Center Team; "SPEAGeasy Bar" by the Sales / Admin Team; "SPARCling Future" by the o2S2PARC Team; "The Wolf of Zeugi Street" by the Software R&D Team; "Grand Parade" by the Sales Agents Team; and "Big Dada" by the Hardware R&D Team.

At the end of the evening, around midnight, the guests had the opportunity to "vote" by means of an applause-o-meter for their favorite act. The Production Team was named the winner of the night, with the prize being an extra week of vacation in 2020 for each member of the team.

As in previous years, the dinner was presented by Franzoli Catering, who created delicious, identically plated meat or fish and vegan courses that were served to the guests, who could then determine which versions they had and trade with neighbors as desired.

The famous sound of Pepe Lienhard and his Big Band created a very special and relaxed atmosphere for dining and dancing throughout the evening. Then, after midnight, the magic continued as the hardiest partiers danced the night away to the music of the Tin Soldiers with a surprise act performed by partner company Comerge AG.

Our guests called the party "a blast!" and the acts spectacular, humorous, and super crazy. We will publish some of these later this year — so stay tuned!

And above all, a very special thank you to the organizing team for all their hard work in creating this great night!

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Successful Hardware & Software Workshop 2019 in South Korea

DYMSTEC, ZMT, and SPEAG held their 20th annual hardware and software workshop in South Korea. The successful event featured several presentations, live demos, and product exhibitions, and was supported by a live English-Korean translation service.





Sim4Life V5.0.1 Release

The Sim4Life Team announced the release of Sim4Life V5.0.1, an updated version of Sim4Life V5.0.





Sim4Life Workshop at Neuroscience 2019

Registration is open for our third Sim4Life Workshop at Neuroscience 2019, the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, in Chicago, USA to be held on Monday, October 21, 2019, from 6:30pm – 9:30pm.


Validation HW




IT’IS demonstrates the Test Field Diversity method for Fast Model Validation

The second episode of the new video series by IT'IS explains how the radiofrequency response of active implants can be quickly and robustly validated with the Test Field Diversity method.

Validation HW




TDS-B1: Magnitude and Polarization Measurement in MRI Coil

Watch a short video to see how you can quickly and accurately measure the magnitude and polarization of the radiofrequency magnetic field inside or close to any MRI coil in free-space or inside phantoms with our TDS-B1.





ViP V4.0 +1: The Male Neuro-functionalized Model Jeduk V4.0 is Released

The second neuro-functionalized Virtual Population (ViP) model in V4.0 detail is now available for download to Sim4Life users: Jeduk V4.0.





Z43 Expands into New Quarters: Moving to the Frontline!

Z43 is expanding into beautiful new quarters at Ankerstrasse / Kräuelgasse, which include some much-needed meeting spaces. The new workplace, the former headquarters of Fabric Frontline, was inaugurated July 1 with an "Info Day" presentation in the "Salon", followed by an Apéro.

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