IT’IS Foundation Releases MRIxViP V2.0

We are pleased to announce that IT’IS has released MRIxViP V2.0. The exposure libraries now incorporates the latest Virtual Population (ViP) models from IT’IS, thereby greatly improving patient coverage for any MRI exposure related analysis.

1903 MRIxViP mm

In addition to the eight anatomical phantoms already included in the V1.0 library, MRIxViP V2.0 now includes the Korean female model Yoon-sun, and three morphed models to extend population coverage: a slimmer Fats (BMI 29, down from 36), and two heavier Ellas (BMI 26 and 30, up from 22). We have also updated the exposure data for Fats based on the updated Fats V3.2.

The combination of the new anatomical phantoms, simulated with all birdcage variations, and imaging positions leads to a massive increase of precomputed radiofrequency (RF)-induced electromagnetic field distributions comprising terabytes of data and making the database even more representative of exposure in patients undergoing a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exam. In combination with IMAnalytics, a powerful software that allows fully automated Tier 3 analysis of RF-induced local power deposition at the electrodes of implantable devices, the extended library facilitates the standardized, effective and comprehensive evaluation of potential risks from exposure, e.g. in patients with active or passive implants.

Customers who purchased the full MRIxViP V1.0 together with a Service & Maintenance contract will receive the new version MRIxViP V2.0 shortly. No workflow changes are necessary!

For more information on MRIxViP V2.0, contact us at





Tissues Properties Database Online

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Tissues Properties Database, a comprehensive and accurate reference database of the thermal and dielectric properties of biological tissues.





ZMT releases Sim4Life SEMCAD X MRI

Sim4Life SEMCAD X MRI is released!





ISMRM 2011 Annual Meeting

Once again ZMT will be at the ISMRM Annual Meeting presenting our latest solutions and innovations in MRI RF safety testing of Active Implantable Medical Devices. Meet us for solution specific discussions and product related questions. 

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MITS1.5/MITS3.0 Successfully Installed at FDA

We are proud to announce the successful installation of our MITS1.5/MITS3.0 implant test systems at the Food and Drug Administration Center for Devices and Radiological Health  (FDA-CDRH).


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MITS Movie Available

Implant safety testing using our MITS hardware demonstrated!

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ASTM 2009 phantom information

We are pleased to provide our customers with a new product note for the ASTM-2009 phantom.

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MITS Gradient Coil

We are proud to announce the Medical Implant Test System for LF Gradient EMC & Heating Tests. MITS Gradient generate worst case gradient field conditions exceeding conditions found in typical MRI scanners. MITS Gradient provides an accurate and flexible solution for implant safety compliance testing during the design and comissioning process.

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