Feb 15, 2023

S4Llite – One Step Ahead into the Future

S4Llite – One Step Ahead into the Future 

ZMT has natively implemented the computational life science platform Sim4Life in the cloud. Thanks to innovative and powerful new technology, the web version delivers the same performance that the Sim4Life desktop version can achieve on the most powerful desktop machine, but with instant sharing capabilities and without the overhead or the need for high-end hardware.

Sim4Life is the premier simulation platform used by academic and industry leaders in biomedical research and development for the most complex and advanced multiphysics simulations in complex environments like the human body.

Until today, a powerful desktop computer with advanced graphics cards was required to deal with the complexity of the Sim4Life platform. However, ZMT has taken a major leap into the future by leveraging the highly innovative o2S2PARC technology developed by the IT’IS Foundation under the NIH SPARC program to create a new cloud-based version of the powerful Sim4Life platform on the web: S4L.

Today, we released S4Llite, the student version of the soon-to-be released full version S4L

S4Llite in action: Watch the movie here.

S4Llite allows students to easily access, run, and share simulations in the cloud from any web browser. It offers the same features and performance as the Sim4Life desktop version but is more flexible, maintenance-free, and even easier to use. Most importantly, it does not require powerful in-house computational resources, as it relies on scalable cloud-computing infrastructure. S4Llite replaces the desktop version Sim4Life Light and is available free of charge for students.

Students from registered universities can access S4Llite through a free and easy-to-set-up online account. Existing users of the desktop version Sim4Life Light can smoothly migrate to the S4Llite version by uploading their projects to the online platform.

The full version of S4L, to be released in the spring, will provide unrestricted performance for the most complex modeling and simulation tasks in the cloud, along with full integration in the o2S2PARC platform, with its many additional tools and functionalities. Scientists will be able to integrate their S4L modeling with any other computational tools, or develop their own pipelines and applications and share them with the scientific community.

ZMT remains committed in supporting learning, education, and scientific research. Register here for S4Llite.

The Sim4Life Team


Example showing coupling of electromagnetics and neuronal dynamics simulations in S4Llite to investigate neurostimulation related quantities in the context of electroceuticals and bioelectronics medicine: shown is an electrode pair for electrical stimulation to initiate a neuroelectric response in the nerve trajectories located in the Virtual Population Yoon-sun V3.1 arm model.


Simulation showing a patch antenna array operating at mmWave frequency (28 GHz) in S4Llite to investigate the beam-steering capability of the antenna and the power density of the incident electromagnetic field on the cheek of the Yoon-sun V3.1 full body model.


S4Llite provides powerful ways to share entire projects and studies with classmates, teachers and educational groups, allowing students to easily collaborate and learn together.

Dashboard Tutorials

The Dashboard in S4Llite allows for quick and easy access and intuitive organization of users’ projects. The platform provides a rich and ever-growing set of entry-level as well as advanced and complex tutorials.




May 8, 2018



Save The Date: ISMRM Sim4Life User Workshop 2018

Our ISMRM Sim4Life User Workshop with distinguished invited speakers will be held on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 from 6:30pm – 9:00pm. At the workshop, we will provide a closer look into how industry and research envision the future of in silico magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and how advanced numerical modeling will help to master new challenges. The detailed agenda is forthcoming and will be communicated soon. If you are interested in participating please send us an email.


Feb 28, 2018



GE Healthcare visits ZMT and IT'IS

Dr. Fraser Robb of GE Healthcare USA – a long-time partner of Z43 – visited ZMT and IT'IS on Monday, 26 February to tour the Z43 facilities and discuss variety of projects of interest to GE Healthcare. 


Feb 20, 2018



Sim4Life V4.0 Release

ZMT is pleased to announce the release of Sim4Life V4.0! With the new release, we are particularly proud to make our innovative and easy-to-use multi-parameter, multi-goal Optimizer Framework V1 available to all of our customers.


Jan 24, 2018



Game On! Z43’s Annual Party, 2018 “The Next Level” Edition

The annual Zurich 43 party, this year with the gamer theme “The Next Level”, was held at Halle 622 in Zurich-Oerlikon on Friday 19 January 2018.


Jan 23, 2018



Major ViP Extension: Morphing of Virtual Population Models Broadens BMI Population Coverage

Long-awaited breakthrough achieved with release of morphed ViP models that cover slender to obese subjects.


Dec 18, 2017



Winter 2017 Info Day at Z43

On Thursday, December 14, Niels Kuster delivered his annual "State of Z43" report to all employees. The presentation was followed by an apéro, where Niels was presented with a life-size portrait of himself!


Dec 12, 2017



ZMT Hosts Horizon 2020/EMPIR PerfusImaging Progress Meeting

ZMT hosted a 2-day meeting of the researchers working on the Horizon 2020/EMPIR PerfusImaging project to review progress and plan future research tasks.

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