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New Microphotonic Voltage Probe RFoF1P4MED

New Microphotonic Voltage Probe RFoF1P4MED

RFoF1P4MED: New Microphotonic Voltage Probe for Medical Implant Immunity Testing in MRI Environments

ZMT is proud to introduce the novel RFoF1P4MED technology, jointly developed with Schmid & Partner Engineering AG (SPEAG): the key to reliably determine the risk of device malfunction due to radiofrequency (RF-) exposure during an MRI exam.

RFoF1P4MED for induced voltage measurements in AIMD within MRI environments.

Tier 3 of ISO/IEC TS10974 is the established method to mitigate compliance of active implanted medical devices (AIMD) within magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) environments. With the release of RFoF1P4MED, ZMT now offers an isolated, miniature fiber-optic differential voltage probe system able to measure the induced terminal voltages in AIMD in the frequency range from 10 MHz – 1 GHz.

RFoF1P4MED is compatible with MRI systems up to 7T and integrates in the AIMD with minimal space requirements not influencing the actual performance of the device. RFoF1P4MED further includes a calibration device which enables system calibration with any standard vector network analyzer.

The probe fulfills all requirements of ISO/IEC TS10974 Clause 15 for Tier 3 evaluations and adds important elements to ZMT’s existing Tier 3 hardware toolchain. RFoF1P4MED is sensitive enough to determine the transfer function model generation with the piX system and robust enough for model calibration and validation within MITS1.5 and MITS3.0. By combining RFoF1P4MED and ZMT’s Tier 3 hardware toolchain with IMAnalytics, RF-induced malfunction tests based on Tier 3 become a single streamlined process, saving measurement time and ensuring that safe and more reliable implants are provided hassle-free and faster to the customer.

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