Framework: SWEEPER

Innovative Parameter Sweeps

Sim4Life introduces a novel simulation engine capable of performing all the tasks related to a given project (model generation, simulation, and analysis) in an independent environment. GUI-based and easy to use, the Sweeper allows parameterization with maximal robustness, flexibility and memory efficiency, as well as execution across platforms and networks.

Sim4Life sweeper engine simulates sets of parametrized birdcage coils with different capactior values.

Allows full automation of complex workflows, with parallel or sequential execution of modeling, simulation and post-processing tasks.

Simulation projects can be fully parametrized using variables and mathematical expressions throughout the framework (modeling, simulation, analysis).

Fully configurable parameter sweeps are done in a top-down fashion, allowing the user to focus on how the analysis should be done, while delegating the number crunching and data management to the background engine.


 Key Features

  • Result-oriented paradigm: post-processing goals are defined before running many simulation
  • GUI-based parameter sweeps
  • Parametrization of CAD elements
  • Parametrization of modeling operations
  • Parametrization of simulation settings
  • Parametrization of post-processing tools


  • Import/Export of parameter space by copy/paste (e.g., to Excel)
  • Distribution of tasks to multiple machines in parallel
  • High-level automation (one-click-sweep)
  • Advanced sorting and filtering of sweep results
  • Real-time task monitoring and comprehensive logging capability


  • Automatic grid updates when model objects change
  • Automatic update of frequency-dependent material settings
  • Sparse and smart data management: only relevant results are kept
  • Powerful sweep engine handles all tasks in the background, without affecting the main GUI