Framework: PYTHON

 Control via Python Scripting

Sim4Life features Python, a powerful scientific scripting language offering a vast range of third-party programs. The Sim4Life Python application programming interface (API) can be used to parameterize and automatize tasks, e.g., geometric modeling, simulation setup, or postprocessing, and to build custom tools and independent applications.

A Python scripting environment provides full interoperability and automation to generate and share customized reports.

A Python scripting environment and a wide selection of powerful libraries, such as SciPy, NumPy, and pandas, are embedded in Sim4Life, and additional packages from online repositories can be installed with the package manager.

Various easy-to-use Python routines for performing frequent tasks and an extensive API for deep access to the Sim4Life framework are provided.

The straightforward Python API is fully customizable: Create and sell individual licensed modules to the Sim4Life user community.


 Key Features

  • Python densely/smoothly embedded into Sim4Life framework
  • Scripting function access to all Sim4Life features on all levels (modeling, grid, simulation, postprocessing, etc.)
  • Integrated Enthought Python package (wide range of powerful libraries, such as SciPy, NumPy, & pandas)
  • Possibility to use entire Sim4Life API programmatically without starting the GUI


  • API using Python 3 by default
  • Fully interfaced scripter for automation, batching, parametrization
  • Script editor (with visual support) embedded in GUI
  • Enhanced tabbed script editor, with multi-selection file opening
  • Possibility to write, execute and debug scripts for Sim4Life from Visual Studio Code 
  • Python API Browser & automatic API lookup


  • Unbounded user customization possibilities (generate a user’s own library of tools, build a customized Sim4Life environment)
  • Launch batch simulations, parametrization, optimization
  • Automated extraction of various parameters & result data of interest

Implementation of user- customized graphic user interface (GUI) elements via Python.

Metamaterial study: edge- shaped structure made of split-ring resonators (SRR) and wires.

Automated modeling/placement of 3D solids for large-scale parameter studies or performance optimization.