Sim4Life 集成了强大参数量的3D模型环境 (是以the ACIS toolkit为基础) ,生成先进的CAD交叉式模型和高质量模型表面如图像数据. 以快速OGL- and VTK-based为基础综合并引擎了庞大的复杂的数据设置和CAD模型 . 专门工具继续提供用户操作使用特殊地任务;如血管建模和处理。

提供交叉,先进和综合的CAD模型,不需要预处理和实时链接 ,能处理复杂的解剖模型e.g., ViP模型, 和大量CAD模型.

唯一能实现CAD模型表面网格具有参数设置功能;e.g., NURBS-based.



 关键特性 - 模型

  • 3D模型环境(是基于 ACIS toolkit)
  • OGL & VTK-based renderer ( easy handling of>> 10'000 parts)
  • Topological Morphing for conformal 3D modeling to arbitrary surfaces
  • Interactive CAD modeling (no preprocessor or live-link needed)
  • Modeling units: metric, imperial
  • User guided and/or CAD import based modeling
  • Adjustable transparency, shaded/facet views, etc.
  • Drag & Drop for quick moving between groups and objects



  • 3D spatial or 2D planar modeling
  • Perspective visualization mode
  • Mouse, snapping & key based input, vertices for facilitated modeling
  • Predefined 2D & 3D objects (incl. helix, etc.)
  • Fully parametrized modeling
  • Sweeping, extruding, skinning, rotating, etc. of objects
  • Translation, rotation, scaling, mirroring, etc.
  • Tilted Lumped elements, Sources & Sensors
  • 3D arbitrary object array generation



  • Python scripter for generation of arbitrary objects (analytical, etc.)
  • CAD derived parametrization
  • Localized CAD element modeling
  • Boolean operations on CAD objects
  • Poser Tool with natural joint rotation limits
  • Parametrized birdcage builder with tuning capacitors
  • Capable of converting triangular surface meshes into parameterized CAD models (e.g., NURBS-based).
  • Functionality to extract, smooth, and simplify tissue/organ surfaces from segmented medical image data

 Key Features - CAD

  • 输入/输出SAT and SAB 文件
  • 输入/输出IGES 文件
  • 输入/输出STEP 文件
  • 输入/输出3DS 文件
  • 输入/输出CATIA V4 文件and i输入CATIA V5 文件


  • 输出 Pro/E files (asm, prt)
  • 输出STL 文件
  • 输出I-DEAS 文件
  • 输出Gerber 文件
  • 输出 DXF f文件
  • 输出ODB++ files (editable)


  • 输入MRI/CT based/segmented文件 (slices, triangles)
  • 3D voxel based data importer, smoothing, compound model conversion
    segmented, meshes
  • Image data import from iSEG