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Training services are offered either on-site or at ZMT Zurich MedTech AG facilities. We invite our users to join Sim4Life workshops during major conferences in 2022. Specialized courses and workshops with our most experienced engineers can be arranged on customer requests.

In Silico Modeling of Neurovascular Bundle Stimulation in Sim4Life V7.0

Sim4Life V7.0 offers improved functionalities to facilitate the execution of performance and safety-related investigations and predictions in the context of bioelectronics medicine. In this video, we show how Sim4Life V7.0 can be used to compare the stimulation and the recording performance of endovascular stimulation of neurovascular bundles by two alternative electrode designs.

New Solver-Enhanced Body Models in Sim4Life V7.0 for Accurate Simulations of 5G NR FR2 Devices

In this video, we show the straightforward simulation setup for mmWave devices with SPEAG’s mmWave hand phantoms, which starts with a simple drag and drop of the phantom's CAD file, followed by automatic assignment of the phantom to a new solver-enhanced material model with parameters obtained from the integrated SPEAG database.

Enhanced 5G Simulation Toolbox in Sim4Life V7.0: Simplified PD Evaluations at 6–10 GHz

ZMT and SPEAG are bringing mmWave simulations and measurements ever closer together, combining the best of both worlds. Electromagnetic (EM) data acquired in the physical world with DASY8/6 Module mmWave V3.0+ can now take an active role in the digital world of Sim4Life V7.0 too!

Sim4Life V6.0 Neural Sensing Package: Simulation of Neural Activity in a Branching Peripheral Nerve

Sim4Life now permits the straight-forward modeling and simulation of neural sensing applications. The sensing functionalities of Sim4Life V6.0 are optimized for simulating bioelectric measurements across a variety of scales and structures, including cortical and subcortical signals, EEG, and microelectrode array recordings. In this video we test several of the new Sim4Life tools and features in a realistic model of a branching peripheral nerve with complex fascicular structure.

SEMCAD X V19.0 and DASY6/8 Module mmWave 2.2: Combined Tools for 5G Exposure Assessment 

In this video, we demonstrate the complete workflow of power density evaluation for an actual beam-steerable mmWave device at 27 GHz from the ground up. Simulation results are compared with measured data, including worst-case scenarios. 

Courtesy of SPEAG

Sim4Life V5.0: New FEM Solvers for Realistic Neurostimulation Applications

In this movie, we use the example of stimulation of the vagus nerve with a pair of cuff electrodes to illustrate the smooth, easy-to-follow workflow for analysis of realistic complex neurostimulation scenarios, ranging from model creation to device optimization in Sim4Life V5.0.

Courtesy of IT'IS Foundation

New FEM Solvers in Sim4Life V5.0

The new unstructured solvers of Sim4Life V5.0 are put to the test in the context of contactless charging through wireless power transfer of an electric vehicle. The video shows how the new tools can be used to simulate realistic scenarios from scratch in a matter of hours.

iSEG - Medical Image Segmentation Tool Set

iSEG offers a variety of powerful tools and workflows to segment complex anatomic models, like the IT'IS Virtual Population, from medical image data. In this first introductory tutorial, the basic concepts (source, target, tissues) are explained, and illustrated in an example workflow which segments a body mask, i.e., foreground from background, using the threshold, fill holes, and morphological closing tools.

New Neuro-Modeling Tool in Sim4Life V4.4

Sim4Life V4.4 offers a breakthrough in neuro-modeling by providing device design features that operate effectively in the whole-body as well as partial anatomical and biophysical models. Here, we demonstrate the workflow of neuro-stimulation modeling and optimization and how it can be potentially used for personalized modeling and treatment planning. The same workflow was used in a clinical study that successfully designed targeted spinal cord stimulation technologies to enable voluntary locomotion in three patients with chronic paraplegia.

Courtesy of IT'IS Foundation

Yoon-sun V4.0: First Neuro-Functionalized Computational Anatomical Model

The first neuro-functionalized Virtual Population (ViP) model, Yoon-sun V4.0 (fully compatible with Sim4Life), features all major nerve trajectories from the cranium and spinal cord to internal organs and muscles, which constitutes a huge step forward towards the explicit modeling of the function of the peripheral nervous system in regulating organ physiology and locomotion. 

Courtesy of IT'IS Foundation

Novel 5G Maximum Exposure Evaluator

This movie demonstrates how the Maximum Exposure Evaluator can be used for compliance testing of next-generation mobile phones, 5G base stations, or other mmWave applications.

Courtesy of SPEAG

Optimization of MRI Rx Coil Arrays with MUSAIK and Sim4Life

MUSAIK is a powerful add-on module to Sim4Life. It is used for the design, optimization, and troubleshooting of MRI multi-channel receive coil arrays used for accelerated parallel imaging. This video illustrates the workflow of analyzing a system modeled and simulated in Sim4Life. MUSAIK can also process data recorded in a MRI scanner, this will be the subject of another video.

Vagus Nerve Modeling with Sim4Life

The video shows how IT’IS Virtual Population (ViP) anatomical models are applied within the Sim4Life simulation platform to design, optimize, and evaluate neuromodulation electrodes for stimulating the vagus nerve.

Courtesy of IT'IS Foundation

Introducing the IMAnalytics Module

IMAnalytics is a powerful new tool for the comprehensive safety evaluation of implantable devices which shortens the total evaluation time from many months to several hours. The video shows how IMAnalytics is started within the Sim4Life platform by making use of MRIxViP, a pre-computed data repository of EM simulations generated from various anatomical models, imaging positions and coils (IT’IS Foundation). It then outlines the different steps of the evaluation process highlighting the main features and output formats.

Introduction to Sim4Life

Sim4Life combines computable human phantoms with the most powerful physics solvers and the most advanced tissue models to directly analyze biological real-world phenomena and complex technical devices in a validated biological and anatomical environment. This video gives an overview of Sim4Life features wich allows the user to design and optimize medical devices and treatments, assess safety and achieve regulatory compliance.

Sim4Life Flow Solver

The Sim4Life fluid dynamics solver is designed to perform optimally for flow in complex geometrical structures and networks, encountered in biological systems such as the vasculature, cerebral cavities, bronchi and other fluid systems. Combined with the advanced modelling features of Sim4Life, including the iSeg medical image segmentation tool, and the versatile analysis and post-processing capabilities, the flow solver package provides a fully integrated end-to-end workflow.

Sim4Life CTI Swiss Medtech Award Nomination

The Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) - one of the leading Swiss governmental technology funding institutions - has nominated the research project entitled Sim4Life CAPITALIS - In Silico Analysis and Optimization of Neurovascular and Neurological Devices and Treatments in the Head for the prestigious 2015 CTI Swiss Medtech Award. The project was a strong collaborative research and implementation effort by ZMT and the academic research partners IT'IS Foundation and the Translational Neural Engineering (TNE) Laboratory at EPFL and the application partner Cardiatis S.A.

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