Sim4Life is a revolutionary simulation platform, combining computable human phantoms with the most powerful physics solvers and the most advanced tissue models, for directly analyzing biological real-world phenomena and complex technical devices in a validated biological and anatomical environment. The Sim4Life platform also offers leading performance with all the features expected from a multiphysics CAE/TCAD platform. Watch the Sim4Life demo video!

Computable Human Phantoms

Sim4Life natively supports the Virtual Population ViP 3.0 models that include integrated posing and morphing tools. Other publicly available animal and human anatomical models are also supported. All tissues are linked to a continually updated physical properties database.

Physics Solvers

The powerful Sim4Life solvers are specifically developed for computationally complex problems; HPC accelerated for the latest computer clusters; and smoothly integrated in the most advanced coupling framework. The platform already includes EM, Thermal Acoustic, and Flow solvers.


Tissue Models

The integrated tissue models enable the modeling and analysis of physiological processes. Perfusion models, tissue damage models, and neuronal models are already included in the first release of Sim4Life.


The Sim4Life Framework efficiently facilitates all steps in complex multiphysics modeling, from defining the problem, discretizing, simulating, and analyzing to visualizing the results, with clarity and flexibility.