Framework: MODELER

 Advanced Modeling Tool Set

Sim4Life integrates a powerful parametric 3D modeling environment based on the ACIS toolkit for generating advanced interactive CAD models and high quality surface models from segmented image data, for example. The fast OGL- and VTK-based rendering engine allows interactive visualization of large and complex volumetric data sets and CAD models. Specialized tools will be continually provided upon user request to handle specific tasks, such as vasculature modeling and processing.

Sim4Life facilitates the placement of detailed CAD pacemakers in complex anatomical models.

Provides integrated, advanced, and interactive CAD modeling without the need for a preprocessor or live-link; and handles complex anatomical models, e.g., ViP models and massive CAD models.

The only simulation software capable of converting triangular surface meshes into parameterized CAD models, e.g., NURBS-based.

Offers integrated functionality to extract, smooth, and simplify tissue and organ surfaces from segmented medical image data.


 Key Features - Modeling

  • 3D modeling environment (based on the ACIS toolkit)
  • OGL & VTK-based renderer (easy handling of >> 10'000 parts)
  • Topological Morphing for conformal 3D modeling to arbitrary surfaces
  • Interactive CAD modeling (no preprocessor or live-link needed)
  • Modeling units: metric, imperial
  • User-guided and/or CAD import-based modeling
  • Adjustable transparency, shaded/facet views, etc.
  • Drag & Drop for quick-moving between groups and objects
  • Specialized rooting tool for implant lead trajectories
  • 3D spatial or 2D planar modeling
  • Dedicated tool to extract the outer surfaces of CAD models in form of simplified triangulated meshes



  • Perspective visualization mode
  • Mouse, snapping & key-based input, vertices for facilitated modeling
  • Predefined 2D & 3D objects (incl. helix, etc.)
  • Fully parametrized modeling
  • Sweeping, extruding, skinning, rotating, etc. of objects
  • Translation, rotation, scaling, mirroring, etc.
  • Tilted Lumped elements, Sources & Sensors
  • 3D arbitrary object array generation
  • CAD projection tool to project multiple solid regions on a target surface
  • Special tool to check implant routings & to splits them into sections corresponding to regions passed through
  • Annotation tool to allow identification tissue labels to be entered in image segmentation (label field) entities



  • Python scripter for generation of arbitrary objects (analytical, etc.)
  • CAD derived parametrization
  • Localized CAD element modeling
  • Boolean operations on CAD objects
  • Poser Tool with natural joint rotation limits
  • Parametrized birdcage builder with tuning capacitors
  • Capable of converting triangular surface meshes into parameterized CAD models (e.g., NURBS-based).
  • Functionality to extract, smooth, and simplify tissue/organ surfaces from segmented medical image data
  • Tool to draw splines on the surface of triangle mesh models
  • Improved image importer supporting additional formats for multi-component (tensor) images

 Key Features - CAD

  • Import/Export of SAT and SAB files
  • Import/Export of IGES files
  • Import/Export of STEP files
  • Import/Export of 3DS files
  • Import/Export of CATIA V4 files and import of CATIA V5 files


  • Import of Pro/E files (asm, prt)
  • Import of STL files
  • Import of I-DEAS files
  • Import of Gerber files
  • Import of DXF files
  • Import of Valor ODB++ files (editable)
  • Export of DASY-compatible DUT Model (*.z43_hw_sw)


  • Import of MRI/CT based/segmented files (slices, triangles)
  • 3D voxel based data importer, smoothing, compound model conversion segmented, meshes
  • Image data import from iSEG

Interactive physics-based Poser tool applied to a standard hand model in Sim4Life.

Easy placement of a CAD-based human model inside a MRI birdcage (Python supported).

User-friendly positioning of an anatomical model in a CAD structure of a 24-channel hyperthermia applicator.