Multi-Parameter Multi-Goal Optimizer

Sim4Life incorporates new effective and easy-to use optimizer platform, dedicated suite/toolkit for optimization and/or tuning of virtual prototypes. The optimizer includes global optimization methods such as stochastic response surface methods for real-world engineering and medical applications. Sim4Life combines the superior speed of HPC enabled solvers with powerful optimizer and sweeper to perform the effective optimization of entire CAD derived devices, embedded in complex environments.

The capacitance values of a 7T MRI birdcage coil are optimized with Sim4Life. The reflection coefficient is minimized at 298MHz while SAR in the head region is maintained below a specified limit.

Provides both guided mode for easy setup with predefined goals and expert mode for full customization through pipeline in workbench.

Multiple objectives and constraints such as reflection coefficient, averaged specific absorption rate (SAR), radiation efficiency can be expressed as mathematical expressions.

The user can specify multiple design variables including geometry, material parameters and lumped elements.


 Key Features

  • Easy setup (Guided Mode) and full customization (Expert Mode)
  • Multiple design variables (geometry, material, lumped elements)
  • Multiple objectives & constraints (reflection coefficient, averaged SAR, radiation efficiency)


  • Integration with DAKOTA
  • Global optimization methods
  • Support for mathematical expressions
  • Sorting and filtering of optimization results
  • Real-time task monitoring and comprehensive logging capability


  • Automatic grid updates when model objects change
  • Automatic update of frequency-dependent material settings
  • Powerful optimization engine handles all tasks in the background, without affecting the main GUI
  • Interactive and customizable 2D plots