Neufeld, Esra

Neufeld, Esra

Chief Science Officer


Esra Neufeld was born in Zurich on September 30th 1978 and holds Swiss and French nationality. He received his Dipl. Natw. (MSc) in Interdisciplinary Sciences (main topics: theoretical physics, quantum electronics, organic chemistry and physical chemistry; master thesis: computational sciences) and his PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), Switzerland in 2004 and 2008 respectively.


Before that, he had studied philosophy, theology and law for three years in the UK.

During his MSc studies he worked as a research assistant in the field of inorganic chemistry and worked as network specialist, programmer, software tester, content editor and private tutor. He followed additional courses (not required for his degree) in biology, neuroscience, crystallography, experimental physics, mathematics, electronics, management, accounting, law, psychology, philosophy and social sciences.

In June 2004, he joined the Foundation for Research on Information Technologies in Society (IT'IS), Switzerland where he started to work on hyperthermia treatment planning, numerical modeling of EM tissue interactions and induced heating, assessment of MR safety, medical image segmentation, measurement technology and other subjects. He also joined the Institute for Computer Vision (BIWI) at the ETH Zurich to start working towards his PhD in Electrical Engineering.

Beginning in 2006, he has been working as a project leader for computational life sciences at IT'IS and he has been heading the computational life sciences group since 2008. He is responsible for the development of a multi-physics simulation platform targeted at the life sciences as well as applied studies in this area and he acts as a consultant to companies and government agencies (e.g., FDA) on MR safety of implants contributing to international standards. From 2008 to 2009 Esra has been a Product Head and Senior Developer at Schmid & Partner Engineering where he developed algorithms, simulation software and measurement analysis software.

Since 2009 Esra is Chief Science Officer at ZurichMedTech where he is responsible for development of medical treatment planning software and medical image processing tools.

His main research interests include the development of simulation and treatment planning software, solver and algorithm development, medical image analysis and anatomical model generation, applied simulations particularly in the field bio-electromagnetics and EM induced tissue heating, MR safety assessment and standardization. Esra is author and co-author of numerous journal and conference papers as well as book chapters and serves as a scientific reviewer for various journals.