Validation Hardware

ZMT provides all necessary measurement tools for the safety assessment of Active Implantable Medical Devices (AIMDs). Our Medical Implant Test Systems (MITS) and piX system, our test phantoms that are carefullly designed and optimized, and our wide range of Tissue Simulating Media (TSM) encompass the essential vehicle to characterize the medical implants in MRI environments.

MITS Systems

Medical Implant Test Systems (MITS) simulate high-precision low to maximum incident RF fields with user-defined modulations in a well-controlled environment as generated by commercial MR scanners. They are the ultimate and efficient way to test implant compliance. 

piX Systems

The Piecewise eXcitation System, piX system, offers a simple and effective way to generate a piece wise model of an AIMD system for RF-heating evaluation of medical devices in MRI environments.




ZMT Phantoms have been designed for implant safety assessment according to the latest ISO/IEC and ASTM standards for Passive and Active Implantable Medical Devices.


The tissue simulating media (TSM) developed by ZMT for radio-frequency (RF) safety evaluations at magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) frequencies are easy to apply, stable over time, and their dielectric parameters have a minimal temperature coefficient.