ASTM Phantom for RF Safety Evaluation in MR Scanners

The ASTM2009 phantom is compatible with the phantom specified in the ASTM Standard of 2009 for testing passive implants. A probe positioner is also available and has been designed to position up to 4 SPEAG probes simultaneously. The phantom can be used in both clinical and laboratory environments (MITS1.5 or MITS3.0).

ASTM2009 phantom with a SPEAG probe accurately positioned using probe positioner.


ZMT also provides a vertical version of the ASTM phantom for measurements in vertical MITS1.5 or MITS3.0.

An implant holder can be provided upon request.

Download product flyer (pdf, 295kB)






Transparent Plexiglass (PMMA)

Liquid compatibility

Compatible with sugar- and oil-based tissue simulating media.
Not compatible with Triton or DGBE-based liquids.


Length 650 mm; Height 165 mm; Width 420 mm

Wall thickness

Sidewall 6 ± 0.2 mm
Bottom 12 ± 0.2 mm

Empty weight

Approximately 7.2 kg

Probe positioner

Made of PMMA
Allow accurate positioning of all SPEAG probes.
Up to 4 probes can be positioned at the same time.