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The digital revolution is extending the frontiers of medicine and medical technology. Computer modeling and simulation (CM&S), or in silico technologies, merge computational tools with biology to intuitively, precisely, and reproducibly perform complex analyses of life sciences applications.  With this emerging paradigm, experimental manipulations that are infeasible or impossible to conduct in real-life experiments can be created while maintaining experimental control: the perfect complement to in vivo and in vitro studies.

ZMT provides in silico solutions to the medical device industry. Our comprehensive simulation platform, Sim4Life, provides a powerful 3D validated biological and anatomical modeling environment for optimizing the effectiveness and performance of medical devices, improving patient safety, and discovering potential new treatments. Built from the ground up, Sim4Life provides smooth and fully automated or customizable workflows for applications ranging from exploratory research and medical device development to regulatory documentation for clinical trials and device certification.

Our software tools are thoroughly and continually verified to ensure their reliability and performance requirements as they evolve.

The same effort is on validation for our expanding portfolio of targeted life sciences models and applications.

ZMT also provides test systems for validation procedures that support complex requirements with software tools optimized for test and measurement systems.

At ZMT, we leverage the combined strength of our expertise, experience, cost-effective solutions, and commitment to long and fruitful client relationships to enhance your competitive advantage during the regulatory submission process.



Solvers & Tissue Models

Validation Hardware



Sim4Life is the first computational life sciences platform integrating computable human phantoms with the most powerful physics solvers and the most advanced tissue models for directly analyzing biological real-world phenomena and complex technical devices in a 3D validated biological and anatomical environment.


All modeling capabilities from the segmentation of medical image data, anatomical and CAD model import, discretization and simulation to visualization and analysis are embedded and streamlined to offer the most versatile and efficient simulation environment possible.

At the core of Sim4Life are the computable, high-fidelity 3D Virtual Population (ViP) human anatomical models. Carefully selected to fully represent global variations in human anatomy, the fully posable, morphable, and validated ViP models along with the IT'IS tissue properties database depict 15 different body types with 120 vital anatomical features and over 300 precisely identified tissues and organs. Cited and applied in hundreds of published studies and papers, the ViP models and the IT'IS material parameter database are continually and meticulously updated, refined, and expanded.


Sim4Life CAPITALIS Project Nominated for the Prestigious
2015 CTI Swiss Medtech Award

The Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) - one of the leading Swiss governmental technology funding institutions - has nominated the research project Sim4Life CAPITALIS for the prestigious 2015 CTI Swiss Medtech Award. The project entitled S4L CAPITALIS - In Silico Analysis and Optimization of Neurovascular and Neurological Devices and Treatments in the Head was a strong collaborative research and implementation effort by ZMT and the academic research partners IT'IS Foundation and the Translational Neural Engineering (TNE) Laboratory at EPFL and the application partner Cardiatis S.A.

The following clip provides an in-depth summary of Sim4Life and the project.