In Silico We Trust

ZMT’s mission is to extend the digital revolution to the frontiers of medicine and medical technology by pushing the boundaries of in silico methodologies in terms of physics-based modeling, detailed functionalized anatomical phantoms, and multifaceted and dynamic physiological response models. To achieve this ambitious goal, we collaborate with an extensive network of partners, and all knowledge gained is continually integrated into our products.

Our flagship product, the premier simulation platform Sim4Life, is now available as both desktop and web-based versions that are seamlessly integrated, with with different levels of access to features:

ZMT also provides test systems to complement and/or support our modeling tools. In addition, we are committed to thoroughly and continually verifying the reliability and accuracy of critical Sim4Life modules (e.g., solvers, Virtual Population models) to provide regulatory-grade modeling capabilities.


Device Design

Interaction with Anatomy

Physiological Responses

Experimental Validation