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Training is offered either at customer sites or at ZMT's headquarters in Zurich. We also invite users to join upcoming Sim4Life workshops at conferences (check our news announcements). Specialized courses and workshops with our most experienced engineers can be organised upon customer request – simply send us an email.
In the latest episode of the IT'IS video series on implant MRI safety testing according to ISO 10974, we demonstrate the use of the MITS-TableTop by ZMT Zurich MedTech, a new dual-band system optimized for radiofrequency implant model validation that is unmatched in terms of precision, efficiency and ease-of-use, overcoming many shortcomings of previous birdcage-based solutions.

Implant Safety Evaluation at IT'IS – Episode II: Model Validation using Test Field Diversity

In the second episode of the implant safety series, we demonstrate the Test Field Diversity method, which lets us test the models that we developed in Episode I of the response of active implanted medical devices to the radiofrequency fields during magnetic resonance imaging scans. This method lets us compare our model's predictions to measured values under a wide range of verified incident field conditions without physically remounting the lead each time, validating the model thoroughly and in record time!

Courtesy of IT'IS Foundation

Implant Safety Evaluation at IT'IS – Episode I: Generation of the PiX model

IT'IS has launched a new video series explaining how the radiofrequency (RF) response of active implantable medical devices (AIMD) under magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exposure can be easily and efficiently characterized. Here we demonstrate the determination of the transfer functions (deposited power and terminal voltage) of the SAIMD-U validation device using the latest piecewise excitation (piX) system (ZMT Zurich MedTech AG).

Courtesy of IT'IS Foundation

Introducing the IMAnalytics Module

IMAnalytics is a powerful new tool for the comprehensive safety evaluation of implantable devices which shortens the total evaluation time from many months to several hours. The video shows how IMAnalytics is started within the Sim4Life platform by making use of MRIxViP, a pre-computed data repository of EM simulations generated from various anatomical models, imaging positions and coils (IT’IS Foundation). It then outlines the different steps of the evaluation process highlighting the main features and output formats.

MITS System

Medical Implant Test Systems (MITS) simulate high-precision low to maximum incident RF fields with user-defined modulations in a well-controlled environment as generated by commercial MR scanners. They are the ultimate and efficient way to test implant compliance.