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Jun 18, 2024

Automated Head Segmentation in Sim4Life V8.0.1: A New Reference

ZMT has released an upgrade to the automated head segmentation tool in the latest version of Sim4Life V8.0.1.

Developed using detailed head segmentations created by the IT’IS Foundation, this tool now segments 40 individual tissues, including 10 new structures. 

Key improvements include an accurate segmentation of major deep brain structures, the spinal cord, eyes, and bone thickness. The tool can also segment the galea, which is crucial for accurately modeling currents and fields from scalp electrodes, as well as facial muscles, glands, and the tongue. This breakthrough, achieved through advanced machine-learning approaches, significantly boosts the accuracy of brain stimulation studies and allows diverse anatomical analyses to be performed.

For more information on the enhanced Sim4Life segmentation tool or the new head models, please contact us at