piX System

Piecewise eXcitation System for Transfer Function Evaluation of Medical Devices in MRI Environments

The piX system is designed to demonstrate the radiofrequency (RF) safety of patients during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination. piX assembles all the instrumentation needed to effectively generate a model of the RF response of an implantable medical device to MRI exposure. The system is in compliance with the Tier 3 procedure of the ISO/TS 10974 guidelines and operates in the frequency range from 28 to 150 MHz.

piX analyzer: source & data acquisition unit.

A variety of piX Excitors are available for the piX system. The excitors are optimized for different frequencies and media to generate a uniform tangential excitation localized to within 10mm.

piX System is combined with the Time Domain Sensor TDS from our sister company  SPEAG for the elimination of crosstalk with the device under test at RF frequencies. 

The system is supported by the Scanning system package TX60L for piX, from SPEAG, for rapid and high precision evaluations. Also supported by the DASY AIMD scanner (when combined with MITS1.5 and or MITS3.0 resonators).  However, piX systems are standalone products and do not require a scanning system.



Operating frequency

28 - 150 MHz

piX Excitor Specification

Typical output power: 18 dBm

Typical forward and reverse power meter accuracy: 0.2 dB 

Minimum coupler directivity= 30 dB

piX Detector Specification (Based on TDS)

Typical noise floor: -78 dBm 

Dynamic range: >60 dB

Typical linearity: 0.05 dB  

Typical phase accuracy. 0.4º  

I and Q amplitude balance: 0.1 dB

piX Phantom

Optimized to evaluate elongated implants, and active implants with one or more leads

Size: 1200 x 240 x 240 mm. The probe mounting locations allow the measurement of the lead at a number of different locations, which can be customised on demand

Materials: the phantom is composed of transparent acrylic glass; the race track is composed of FR4. Compatible with sugar-, salt-, and oil-based tissue simulating media 

Include draining tap for easy maintenance


Smooth integration with the Scanning System Package TX60L for piX and the DASY AIMD measurement system