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TGe78c0.65@64 (Gel Simulating Tissue Parameters Of Organs)

Media for temperature evaluations of implants embedded exposed inside muscle, liver, kidney or brain tissue.


Test Frequencies

64 and 128 MHz

Main Ingredients

Water, Salt, HEC

Dielectric Parameters

σ = 0.65 S/m (Average of conductivities of muscle, liver, kidney, brain)

ε = 78


12,000 mPa.s (cP)

Thermal Conductivity

20 ± 1°C: 0.624 ± 0.031 W/mK

30 ± 1°C: 0.625 ± 0.031 W/mK

Thermal Capacity

C = 4.2 J/gK


Lifetime and stability of the gel depends on usage, storage and handling of the gel.


Plastic container of 10 liters with nozzle.

Reference Standard

ISO/IEC AIMD Joint Working Group Test Requirements, TS 10974.