MITS Gradient

MITS Gradient

Medical Implant Test System (MITS) for LF Gradient EMC & Heating Tests

The MITS Gradient is a Medical Implant Test System for the evaluation of induced eddy currents on conductive active implantable medical devices (AIMD) during MRI.

Medical Implant Test System (MITS) Gradient coil.

The system has been designed to deliver performance exceeding the requirements of the ISO/TS10974 standard for Active Medical Implant Devices. It delivers exposure levels greater than 165 T/s peak. MITS Gradient is capable of generating all pulse sequences as required in ISO/TS10974.

The coil design allows vertical usage and access for evaluations. The test system is calibrated and fully characterized experimentally.

The user interface allows heating, malfunction and malfunction custom evaluations.





Testing compliance of active medical implantable devices with LF EMC and eddy current heating regulations.
Evaluation of new prototypes.

Gradient coil Specifications (for IECO 750V 400A Gradient Amplifier)


Volume over which the coil will provide all points < 5% variation

> 240 mm diameter by 100 mm high

Homogeneity for the location of the AIMD during testing

± 1%


< 123 mΩ

Self inductance

444 μH

Cooling water

4 litre per minute


480 mm diameter by 390 mm high

Max rms current  

200 A, 150 A continuous DC current

Peak current  

± 400 A

Field coil current calibration factor 

121 µT/A

Peak to peak gradient field

> 90 mT

Typical RMS dB/dt continuous  

> 100 T/s ~2 kHz sinusoidal

Peak dB/dt  

> 165 T/s (175 T/s typically)