MITS Gradient

MITS Gradient

Medical Implant Test System (MITS) for LF Gradient EMC & Heating Tests

MITS Gradient is designed to simulate high-precision low frequency (LF) with user defined sequences for testing heating and electromagnetic compatability (EMC) of medical implants with MRI gradient fields.

Medical Implant Test System (MITS) Gradient for testing heating and electromagnetic compatability (EMC) of medical implants with MRI gradient fields.

The system has been designed to deliver performance exceeding the requirements of the ISO/IEC standard for Active Medical Implant Devices, thereby delivering exposure levels of greater than 120 T/s peak. MITS Gradient EMC will be compatible with EMC test sequences and provide excellent gradient field homogeneity of less than 1% within a cylindrical volume of 260mm by 100mm height.

The rugged construction of Helmholtz coils allows vertical usage and access for evaluations. The test system is calibrated and fully characterized experimentally.


The open user interface allows customized, automated EMC and heating evaluations.



The system is supported by the DASY6 AIMD scanner, from our sister company SPEAG for rapid and high precision field evaluations. However, MITS systems are standalone products and do not require the DASY6NEO scanner.



Testing compliance of active medical implantable devices with LF EMC and eddy current heating regulations.
Evaluation of new prototypes.

Preliminary Specifications (*high T/s MITS Gradient on request)


Volume over which the coil will provide all points < 5% variation

> 200 mm diameter by 100 mm high

Homogeneity for the location of the AIMD during testing

± 1%


< 147 mΩ

Self inductance

574 μH

Cooling water

1 litre per minute


480 mm diameter by 390 mm high

Max continuous current  

100 A rms

Peak current  

± 200 A

Field coil current calibration factor 

134 µT/A

Peak to peak gradient field

> 50 mT (40 mT*)

Typical RMS dB/dt continuous  

> 100 T/s ~2 kHz sinusoid (140Ts*)

Peak dB/dt  

> 125 T/s (200 T/s*)


Vertical version is optimized for usage with DASY6 AIMD & SPEAG IF MF probes