Elliptical Implant Test Phantom (ELIT) for 1.5 Tesla RF Safety Evaluation

The ELIT1.5 (Elliptical Implant Test) phantom has been developed to generate uniform exposure for implants in the MITS1.5 system and enables automated testing with DASY AIMD. ELIT1.5 allows the exposure of implants with long leads to constant amplitude and phase for worst-case RF exposure evaluation.

MITS ELIT1.5 vertical phantom.


There are two modalities of the phantom: ELIT1.5 and H-ELIT1.5, which are used respectively in the vertical and horizontal modalities of the MITS1.5 system.

The ELIT1.5 meets the specifications of the current ISO/ TS10974 Test Requirements.






Transparent Plexiglass (PMMA)

Liquid compatibility

Compatible with sugar- and oil-based tissue simulating media.
Not compatible with Triton or DGBE-based liquids.


Length 600 mm; Height 400 mm; Width 90 mm
Submerged depth of implant 65 mm

Wall thickness

11 mm

Racetrack material

FR-4 Glass reinforced epoxy

Racetrack dimensions

Length 459 mm; Height 270 mm; Circumference 1270 mm
Width x 1 track 2.1 mm; Width x 3 tracks 26.3 mm
Track spacing 10mm

Amplitude and phase along top of racetrack 

Etan 75 ± 5% of Emax
Phase 0 ± 4°