Universal Implantable Device Lead for Systems Verification at 64 MHz and 128 MHz

The SAIMD-U-Wire is a dual frequency (64 MHz/128 MHz) verification and validation device for evaluations according to ISO/TS 10974. This long and flexibile wire is a simplified version of the SAIMD-U, being capped at one end and not including a circuit housing. Therefore, SAIMD-U-Wire is suitable for the verification and validation of instrumentation and procedures of AIMD model generation, assessment of deposited power or RF heating. The device is provided with a certificate containing target values.

SAIMD-U-Wire for verification of test systems.

This generic device with a customized length can be provided upon request.


Tip Material

Stainless steel

Lead Material

Test lead: bare copper
Insulator: silicone

Liquid Compatibility

Compatible with sugar- and oil-based TSM.
Not compatible with TSM based on Triton or diethylene glycol monobutyl ether (DGBE).

Dimensions Lead

Length: 635 ± 1 mm
Conductor: 0.4 mm2 (stranding 104 × 0.07 mm)
Outer diameter insulator: 2.1 ± 0.01 mm

Dimensions Tip

Length: 2 ± 0.1 mm
Diameter: 2 ± 0.1 mm

Target Values

Certificates with transfer functions, target of total power depositions and induced voltages for the piX and DUAL-CYL-TFD phantoms are available for the following tissue simulating media (TSM):