EASY6/MRI is a complete redesign of our widely used Electromagnetic (EM) Exposure Acquisition System EASY4MRI: it is smaller, more cost-efficient, and directly connects our classic specific absorption rate (SAR) and field probes via an optical link (EASY6-DAE + EASY6-RU) to the computer. The user-friendly EASY6 software allows the acquisition of data from 1–10 probes while each measurement channel is individually characterized and processed. It further enables high precision measurements of the EM near and far field to be collected and stored from low MHz to 10 GHz with high spatial resolution. Like its predecessor, EASY6/MRI is designed to work within hostile EM environments, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners up to 7 Tesla.

Preliminary specifications of the EASY6/MRI system are as listed below:

Preliminary specifications of the EASY6/MRI system components are as listed below:

EASY6-DAE Data Acquisition Electronics for EASY6/MRI System

MRI Compatibility

Non-magnetic and shielded structure for use in MRI environments
Optical communication link
System fully remote controlled

Measurement Capability

50Hz/60Hz digital suppressing (20ms/16ms averaging)
Tunable averaging with enhancement of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)

Sampling Rate

16 samples/second (62.5ms)

Measurement Range

24-bit resolution
+/- 0.6V

Input Offset Voltage

<1 µV (with auto zero)

Input Resistance

200 MOhm

Input Bias Current

<50 fA

Integrated Battery

Charging via USB-C
Led display
> 10 hours of operation


Input: SPEAG probe connector
Output: optical, SC


ISO/IEC 17025 calibration service available

Dimensions (LxWxH)

38 x 38 x 72 mm

EASY6-RU Remote Unit for Interfacing EASY6-DAE with Laptop/Desktop Computer


Input: optical SC from EASY6-DAE
Output: USB to computer

Cable from EASY6-DAE to EASY6-RU

Fiber-optic, up to 15m

EASY6 Software

Field strength meter (display of values, min, max and statistics)
Scope display (field components or total values vs. time)
Separate processes with individual parameters for each channel
Support of up to 10 channels
Optimized for Tablet / Touch interfaces
API for integration in test automation applications
Export functionality to xls, Matlab etc.