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Components of 3rd-Party Products

The following components can be ordered without signal generating and controlling system.



It is a complete stand-alone measurement system from SPEAG which provides high precision, multi-channel electromagnetic near-field, SAR, and temperature evaluations. MITS horizontal and vertical systems are full compatible with EASY6/MRI and SPEAG probes.


DASY6 AIMD is a DASY6 system from SPEAG specially optimized for SAR and free-space evaluations in accordance with the medical implant standards (e.g. ISO TS 10974) and exclusively available via ZMT. It includes the necessary software extensions and accessories to effectively perform the required tests with high precision and repeatability.

Remote Unit Standalone

The TDS Remote Unit is a standalone device that acts as the optical power supply for SPEAG TDS probes in the power-over-fiber forward link. In the radiofrequency (RF) over fiber reverse link, the TDS Remote Unit converts the optical probe signal to an electrical RF signal equivalent to the electric or magnetic fields sensed at the tip of the TDS probe. A TDS PXI Remote Unit module can be used as well with the same functionality.

TDS H-Field Probe

The H1TDSx/MRI are miniaturized active optical magnetic field probes for use in non-magnetic media (μr = 1). For standalone applications (far and near field), each TDS time-domain field probe is delivered with an 8 m rugged fiber-optic cable attached directly to the probe. All SPEAG TDS probes have been optimized for field measurements in the frequency range from 10 MHz to 6 GHz and are individually calibrated and characterized in SPEAG’s calibration laboratory.

*all SPEAG TDS magnetic probes are available in a special configuration with greatly reduced magnetic material content in the sensor head for MRI applications where minimal impairment during parallel imaging is desired.

RFoF1P4MED Transducer

The RFoF1P4MED transducer is a miniature active electro-optical wideband sensor for induced voltage measurements. The probe fulfills all requirements of ISO/IEC TS10974 Clause 15 for Tier 3 evaluations.


The RFoF4MEDFOI is an fiber-optic interconnect linking the RFoF1P4MED transducer with all available TDS Remote Units.


The RFoF4MEDCU is a balun used for calibration of RFoF1P4MED systems (transducer and remote unit) using transmission measurement performed with a two-port Vector Network Analyzer.