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19/03/2019 - 21/03/2019

ZMT @ 2019 Frontiers in Medical Devices Conference

Latest ZMT Technology to be demonstrated at 2019 BMES / FDA Frontiers in Medical Devices Conference, March 19, 2019 in Washington DC

We are excited to announce our participation in the upcoming BMES / FDA Frontiers in Medical Devices Conference, taking place on March 19-21, 2019 at College Park Marriott Hotel and Conference Center at the University of Maryland, Washington DC. In line with the theme of the conference, “The Role of Digital Evidence to Support Personalized Patient Healthcare”, ZMT will hold a dedicated Technology Seminar on Tuesday March 19, 2019 from 12:00 – 13:30 hrs to showcase the latest in silico methods of Sim4Life and the Virtual Population (ViP) for medical device design and in bioelectronics medicine. ZMT is a Gold Sponsor of the conference.

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Bryn Lloyd of the IT'IS Foundation will provide insight into how advanced in silico solutions implemented in ZMT’s unrivaled multi-physics simulation platform Sim4Life, together with high-resolution neuro-functionalized computational anatomical phantoms of the IT’IS Virtual Population, are key to accurate modeling for the design and optimization of neurostimulation devices.

Tolga Goren of the IT'IS Foundation will highlight the latest solutions from a user perspective and outline the future needs for validated magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) safety compliance evaluations employing Sim4Life’s IMAnalytics module and the comprehensive MRIxViP field developed by IT’IS.

Michael Oberle of ZMT will conclude the session with an overview on the latest enhancements and features of Sim4Life and how selected features of upcoming releases will address future technological challenges in bioelectronic medicine for the medical device industry.

Note: To participate in the ZMT Technology Seminar, you must sign up to the workshop together with the main BMES / FDA conference registration. As the number of participants is limited, registration at a later point is not possible. Make sure to click on “ZMT Zurich MedTech AG” for the Tuesday Gold Sponsor Showcase Seminar when you register for the conference.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Technology Seminar!

In addition, don’t miss the chance to meet our experts at Booth #13, who will present our latest developments, including:

Sim4Life NEURO and Yoon-sun 4.0

The fastest and most versatile way for neuronal dynamics simulations incorporating the first neuro-functionalized whole-body Virtual Population phantom Yoon-sun V4.0 (IT’IS Foundation) with detailed and verified peripheral nerve trajectories. The only solution for realistic investigations of neurostimulation.

Sim4Life IMAnalytics & MRIxViP

IMAnalytics and MRIxViP (IT’IS Foundation) enable users to perform comprehensive Tier-3 MRI radiofrequency safety evaluations of implantable devices according to ISO / IEC TS 10974 in minutes instead of weeks.

See you soon in Washington DC!

The ZMT Zurich MedTech Team