Jan 18, 2024 - Jan 21, 2024

ZMT @ NANS 2024

Sim4Life, MITS-TT, and TIBS-R showcased at NANS 2024

There’s only one more week until the opening of the North American Neuromodulation Society 27th Annual Meeting (NANS) in Las Vegas NV, USA, January 18 – 21, 2024! We are excited to have the opportunity to (re)connect with old and new customers at the premier meeting for neuromodulation research! 

Visit us at Booth #325, where ZMT and our Z43 partners – the IT’IS Foundation (IT’IS), and TI Solutions AG (TI Solutions) – will present our latest tools for optimized and targeted neuromodulation, as well as for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) implant safety evaluation.

In silico modelling: ZMT will present the latest features of the simulation platform Sim4Life with a focus on neural modulation and sensing and the workflow that drives the development of closed-loop technologies for therapeutic applications in bioelectronic medicine. 

Non-invasive brain stimulation: TI Solutions is working toward version 3.0 of the most advanced investigational device for temporal interference stimulation (TIBS-R V3.0), which supports not only phase modulation but also full compatibility of TI stimulation with simultaneous electroencephalogram recording. 

In addition, IT’IS will present the TI planning tool TIP V3.0, which includes an artificial intelligence empowered toolset for instant and fully automated image-based, high-resolution head model segmentation for personalized modeling.

MRI Implant Safety Evaluation: ZMT and IT’IS will demonstrate Sim4Life’s IMAnalytics and MRIxViP, our solution approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their Medical Device Development Tools (MDDT) program. IMAnalytics and MRIxViP allow fully automated device characterization according to ISO 10974 (Tier 3, Tier 2) or ASTM F2182. We will also exhibit MITS-TT, a 64/128 MHz table-top test system optimized for efficient evaluation of ISO 10974 compliance.

In addition, be sure to not miss the NANS 2024 poster and oral presentations from IT’IS researchers, where we communicate our latest research findings:

1/19/2024, 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm (poster session)

Systematic In Silico Assessment of Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Safety in the Presence of Implanted Electrodes
F. Karimi, A.M. Cassarà, E. Neufeld, M. Capstick, N. Kuster

In Silico Methodology to Produce Innovative Designs for a Cranial Nerve Stimulator to Treat Cluster Headache
J.G. Ordonez, A.M. Cassarà , S. Farcito, E. Neufeld, N. Kuster

A Computational Model of Porcine Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Compound Action Potential Sensing
J.J. Tharayil

1/19/2024, 5:16 pm – 5:24 pm (oral presentation)

Computational Pipeline for Modeling Ultrasound Propagation and Electrophysiological Impacts for Non-invasive Peripheral Nervous System Stimulation
E. Neufeld, T. Tarnaud, T. Plovie, E. Vicari, P. Benlloch Garcia, R. Schoeters, N. Kuster, W. Joseph, L. Martens, S. Micera, E. Tanghe

1/20/2024, 11:20 am – 11:28 am (oral presentation)

Simulation-Guided Epidural Electrical Stimulation (EES) for Fast and Optimal Spinal Cord Injury Recovery 
J.G. Ordonez, T. Newton, E. Neufeld, A.M. Cassarà, N. Kuster

1/20/2024, 4:58 pm – 5:06 pm (oral presentation)

A Computational Pipeline for Investigating Neuromodulation of Individualized Brain Networks
F. Karimi, T. Newton, M. Steiner, A.A. Farokhniaee, J.G. Ordonez, E. Beanato, F.C. Hummel, N. Kuster, E. Neufeld

We look forward to welcoming you in Vegas!

The Teams of ZMT Zurich MedTech, IT’IS Foundation, and TI Solutions