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GE Healthcare visits ZMT and IT'IS

GE Healthcare visits ZMT and IT'IS

Dr. Fraser Robb, Manager for Special Coils and Prototyping Healthcare Systems at GE Healthcare in Aurora OH, USA – a long-time partner of Z43 – visited ZMT and the IT'IS Foundation on Monday, 26 February to touch base about recent developments and discuss a variety of projects of interest to GE Healthcare. He stopped by on his way to the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, which will be held from February 28 – March 4, 2018.

Z43 team members took the opportunity to provide an update on medical-technology-related research projects and discussed new opportunities in the field of MRI. Dr. Robb then toured the Z43 facilities and was introduced to ZMT’s MITS and piX systems as well as SPEAG’s DASY6 for advanced scanning of RF fields in MRI coils.

Many thanks to Fraser for his visit and fruitful discussions!

From the left: Niels Kuster (founding director of IT'IS), Fraser Robb, Michael Oberle (ZMT Chief Executive Officer), and Manuel Murbach (IT'IS Project Leader for MRI Safety)

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