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Sep 24, 2019

Successful Hardware & Software Workshop 2019 in South Korea

Time flies: on September 20th, 2019, DYMSTEC, ZMT, und SPEAG conducted the latest edition of their annual hardware and software workshop in Seoul, South Korea – marking the 20th anniversary of this popular event!

Thanks to the excellent organization by Z43’s local sales channel DYMSTEC, the event at the Gachon Convention Center in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, attracted a record number of over 180 participants from leading universities, industry, and government agencies who were eager to learn more about our wide range of software and hardware solutions for overcoming the technical challenges of 5G/wireless systems, in-/on-body communication devices, wireless power transfer, and emerging medical technologies like electroceuticals.

The event was opened by DYMSTEC’s CEO Young Bae Song and SPEAG’s president Prof. Niels Kuster, followed by presentations, live demos, and product exhibitions highlighting Z43’s latest innovations and product updates and the roadmap for future technological advances in 2019/20 and beyond. A particular focus was put on Z43’s latest solutions for exposure evaluation and compliance testing of wireless power transfer and 5G mmWave applications.

The morning session featured an update on international standards and regulation and the latest developments in software and hardware for specific absorption rate (SAR) compliance and mmWave power density assessment, as well as specific phantoms and methods for over-the-air performance testing. Participants were particularly interested in SPEAG’s new DASY63D system and the two new “FTE Option” and “MEO Option” software packages that are available in DASY6 mmWave Module V2.0 and EASY6. SEMCAD X V18.0 and Sim4Life V5.0 highlights included the new unstructured finite-element method solver and its powerful mesher engine and important 5G and wireless power transfer (WPT) toolkit extensions, as well as the previewed “Encrypted Component” feature.

The afternoon was organized into two parallel sessions. The first one was a continuation of the morning session, focusing on mobile telecommunications equipment and featuring SPEAG’s solutions for EMI/EMC assessment, WPT evaluations, and material characterization, e.g., introducing the Magnetic Amplitude and Gradient Probe System (MAGPy), a fully IEC compatible system for assessment of WPT exposure. Invited external speakers included industrial and academic experts from HCT, Samsung, and Chonnam National University.

The second afternoon session concentrated on solutions for life sciences and medical applications and was presented by ZMT and the IT’IS Foundation. The presentations demonstrated recent advances in simulation of neuromodulation and numerical safety assessment of active and passive implants (IMAnalytics V2.0, MRIxViP V2.0) as well as updates on the NEUROMAN project and the IT’IS Virtual Population. The sessions in the medical track also involved invited speakers from Ajou and Dongguk Universities (NEUROMAN) and professors from Pohang University, Seoul National University Hospital, and the Osong Medical Industry Foundation.

This year’s workshop was particularly interactive, involving several Q&A sessions, vivid discussions, and valuable feedback from numerous attendees. The workshop closed with the traditional raffle followed by a lively dinner party. SPEAG and ZMT are looking forward to next year’s workshop and thank all participants for their contributions!


Mr. Song, President of DYMSTEC, presenting his keynote address and taking a trip down the memory lane.


Prof. Niels Kuster, giving his opening speech at the 2019 workshop.


MD Beom Sun CHUNG from Ajou University presenting the latest NEUROMAN progress and achievements.


Full house at the morning session: Dr. Sylvain Reboux presenting the 5G toolkit and the new Encrypted Components in Sim4Life and SEMCAD X.


Great interest during the live demos of SPEAG’s cSAR3D, TDS, DAK-TL, MAGPy, EASY6 and phantoms which were on display during the workshop.


Dr. Sven Kühn presenting a proud raffle winner with a prize at the end of the workshop.


The 2019 Workshop Team: Congratulations, DYMSTEC, on 20 years of successful Korea workshops!


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