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Sep 8, 2020

IT’IS Releases Miss Able V3.0, the First-Ever Monkey Computational Anatomical Model

IT’IS Releases First-Ever Monkey Computational Anatomical Model Miss Able V3.0

Big news from the IT’IS Foundation: after a year of intensive segmentation work, IT’IS has released Miss Able V3.0, the first-ever female monkey computational anatomical model! The new Virtual Zoo (ViZoo) model, named after one of the two famous monkeys that were launched into space in 1959 and safely returned from their mission, contains more than 300 tissues and is posable with Sim4Life’s FEM Poser.

More information about the release and a movie of Miss Able V3.0 can be found on the IT’IS website.

Congratulations to the IT’IS team for this beautifully segmented model!

The Sim4Life Team