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Jan 31, 2023

IT’IS Foundation Releases New Class III Virtual Population Models

IT’IS has added three new Virtual Population (ViP) models to their existing library. The first application of the class III obese* models, each with a body mass index above 60 kg/m2, assesses the safety of this group of the population in ultra-wide-bore scanners. The models were created by morphing the existing image-based ViP models Ella and Fats by increasing the amount of adipose tissue and muscle via a biomechanics-based morphing approach.

As always, the models meet the strict ViP quality standards and have been reviewed by external reviewers from the Anatomy Department of the University of Zurich. All models are posable using Sim4Life’s poser tool and include the same tissues as other V3.x ViP models.

To obtain a license for the new models, contact us at

* class III obesity (formerly known as morbid obesity) corresponds to BMI > 40kg/m2