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Jun 23, 2023

S4Llite Student Competition 2023

S4Llite Student Competition 2023

Take part in the contest and win one of our attractive prizes!

The S4Llite Student Competition 2023 has been created to recognize outstanding work in numerical simulations in a variety of research areas. Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD students are encouraged to enter the competition by submitting their original simulation projects developed with our online platform S4Llite

How to participate?

Each participant must:

  • define a unique problem that can be solved numerically with our multiphysics platform S4Llite
  • create a free S4Llite account by filling out this form
  • log in to the account to start modeling and simulations in S4Llite to solve the unique problem
  • generate a short report based on this template
  • share the simulation project with us by tagging it with “Simulation Competition 23” by 31 October 2023, 23:59h Swiss local time

Participants will be notified by email of the successful submission of their projects. 

Evaluation criteria

The following criteria will be used by a panel of experts to evaluate submissions on the basis of:

  • originality / complexity
  • soundness of results
  • correct use of S4Llite (modeling, solvers, analysis, Python notebook and libraries)
  • report quality (clarity, completeness, presentation, including visuals)

The winners will be notified individually via email between 20 and 30 of November 2023, and prizes will be officially announced by ZMT thereafter. The awards will be presented in person or during an online ceremony. The winning simulation projects will be published and documented as S4Llite tutorials on 

If you have any questions, please contact us!

The Sim4Life Team