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Sim4Life is Ready for Yoon-sun V4.0

We have already tested the first neuro-functionalized Virtual Population (ViP) model, Yoon-sun V4.0, with Sim4Life V4.4 that will become available on November 27, 2018. The release of Yoon-sun V4.0 which was announced today by the IT'IS Foundation, will further strengthen our efforts in providing the best neurosimulation software tools on the market.

The new female phantom features all major nerve trajectories from the cranium and spinal cord to internal organs and muscles, which constitutes an important step forward towards the explicit modeling of the function of the peripheral nervous system in regulating organ physiology and locomotion (watch a short movie here).

The range of potential applications is impressive, ranging from basic research to safety evaluations, placement of electrodes, and optimization of electroceuticals.

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