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Sim4Life light: Explore the World of Complex Physiological Modelling and Simulations – for Free!

ZMT announces the release of Sim4Life light, a new edition specifically designed for students who can now use our cutting-edge computational life science platform for their research at no cost

Sim4life is used worldwide by leaders in the biomedical industry. We are excited to introduce Sim4Life light, our powerful multi-physics simulation platform to support the study and research of undergraduate and graduate students – free of charge!

Sim4Life light encompasses the whole range of our physics solvers (i.e., electromagnetic (EM) high and low frequency, thermal, acoustic) and tissue models (dielectric, perfusion, neuron, etc.) without any restrictions for up to 20 million grid cells. The unique Sim4Life framework provides all pre- and post-processing capabilities to learn and explore numerical modeling, from antenna design to wireless power transfer problems. Yoon-sun, the first Virtual Population (ViP) Korean female computational anatomical phantom recently released by the IT’IS Foundation, enables students to experience modeling with a state-of-the-art anatomical phantom to tackle highly complex multi-physics problems in their research. For example, the low-frequency EM-solvers coupled with the neuronal tissue models give students insight into how EM-induced neuronal stimulation can be applied for new technologies such as electroceuticals.

Sim4Life light is only marginally limited as high performance and cloud computing are not supported and additional ViP models cannot be added. Yet, it is the first software that is freely available to introduce students to modeling with a state-of-the-art anatomical phantom and help them to learn how this technology can help to solve highly complex multi-physics problems in science and engineering ‒ for applications ranging from wireless communication to medical applications.

Sim4Life light can be downloaded free of charge by students from registered universities. The license is time limited but can be easily renewed every year up until one year after the student has left the university.

Sim4Life is part of ZMT’s long existing program to support and push educational efforts and scientific research in the academic world. More information about Sim4Life Academic can be found here


fitness tracker

Sim4Life light supports the design and optimization of in-/on-body wireless devices: conformal printed dual band antenna in fitness tracker mounted on SPEAG's POPEYE measurement phantom.


Sim4Life light’s low-frequency EM-solver coupled with the neuronal tissue models enables the investigation of adverse interference between implanted electroceuticals ‒ like a vagus nerve stimulator ‒ and the MRI gradient fields, with potential risk of unwanted stimulation and thermal heating.