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Dec 6, 2022

Compact Dual-Frequency Medical Implant Test System

ZMT’s MITS-TT is a new dual-band system optimized for radiofrequency implant model validation that is unmatched in terms of precision, efficiency and ease-of-use, overcoming many shortcomings of previous birdcage-based solutions.

MITS-TT or MITS-TableTop, ZMT’s newest extension of the Medical Implant Test System product family, has been developed with one goal in mind: to generate diverse, well-defined and precise tangential incident electric (E-)fields along defined test routings for efficient and robust validation of transfer functions of active medical implants.

Watch an informational video from our research partner, the IT’IS Foundation, who is already using MITS-TT for implant safety testing:


The compact dual-frequency system comprises two units, one optimized for high-permittivity tissue simulating liquid and one for low-permittivity liquid. Each unit is a cylindrical phantom with two pairs of integrated curved electrodes, which directly generate E-fields in the tissue simulating medium at 64 MHz (1.5 T) or 128 MHz (3 T).

A small rack-mounted system includes the dual-band source, two-channel amplifiers and computer. The units have the same dimensions, and support the same test routings (up to 110 cm in length), as the Test Field Diversity (TFD) phantom of the MITS1.5/3.0. Thus, the same TFD method, which is compatible with all active implant testing standards, can be used to accelerate transfer function validation by applying diverse, well-defined incident fields directly by altering the relative magnitude and phase between the two channels –vastly reducing not only the remounting of the device but also test uncertainty.

Since the E-fields are directly generated in the medium via four electrodes and not indirectly via the B-field, they are easier to control, require less RF power and generate hardly any stray fields. The deposited power can be measured by dosimetric or temperature probes. The integrated software makes applying linear, circular, or diverse TFD fields easy.

The system is shipped calibrated, and has been fully validated against numerical target values from the latest draft of ISO 10974.

Visit the product website to see the system specifications here.