MP-AIMD Platforms

New MP-AIMD Platforms Allow Faster Implant MRI Safety Evaluations with Lower Uncertainty

ZMT has launched the new MP-AIMD Platforms which effectively combine all of ZMT’s hardware for even faster and more reliable MRI AIMD safety evaluations according to the Tiers 1 – 3 procedures of the ISO/IEC TS10974 standard.

The platforms are built upon the principal robust base module of the DASY6 TX90XL AIMD robot. Precise and well-defined docking structures are provided for mounting the Medical Implant Test System (MITS) – both the 1.5 Tesla (MITS1.5) and 3.0 Tesla (MITS3.0) MITS systems – as well as the Piecewise eXcitation System for RF-Heating Evaluation of Medical Devices in MRI Environments (piX). The unique combination of the hardware components and the rigid platforms not only considerably reduce the uncertainties of the measurements but also accelerate routine testing of active implantable medical devices (AIMD).

The integrated setup ensures that all systems can be positioned optimally and precisely with respect to the robot coordinate system, which not only facilitates and simplifies test preparation but foremost improves the precision of the evaluation, reduces scanning time, and also eliminates many potential user errors.

Three different platforms are currently available:

  • MP1-AIMD Mounting Platform: for DASY6 TX90XL robot arm and 1× MITS birdcage
  • MP2-AIMD Mounting Platform: for DASY6 TX90XL robot arm and 2× MITS birdcages
  • MPE-AIMD Mounting Platform Extended: for DASY6 TX90XL robot arm, 2× MITS birdcages and 1× piX phantom

The MP-AIMD platforms are already optimized for the soon-to-be-released diversity phantoms. Other modules, such as the MITS Gradient system, can be integrated into the new platform upon request.

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