License Options

License Options

Commercial Licenses

The Sim4Life Commercial licenses can be time unlimted or limited (renewable). During the time limited license duration, technical support and access to the latest software versions are provided. Time unlimited licenses require up-to-date maintenance and support contracts to access the latest software versions and technical support.

All Sim4Life licenses are locked to the provided USB dongle ID in Windows and Linux systems.

Floating Counted Licenses (Network license)

The license is shared in the network from a license server system that can be shared by a limited number of simultaneous computers in order to use Sim4Life. The number of licenses specified in the license file corresponds with the number of computers that simultaneously can use Sim4Life. The number of Sim4Life Framework instances in each computer is unlimited.

Each time a new computer of the network starts Sim4Life, it contacts the server and tries to acquire one license. If it succeeds, the number of available licenses on the server decreases by 1. Successive license petitions from the same computer will not decrease the number of available licenses

Global Network Licenses

All licenses are LOCAL licenses, to be used within a specified site. NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL upgrades are available up on request.

Academic Licenses

ZMT offers special Sim4Life licenses for both undergraduate and graduate students as well as for scientists at universities and academic institutions. Please visit Sim4Life Academic page for details.