MITS High Field Strength Resonators

Addition to the MITS Family: High Field Strength Resonators for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Testing of Short Implants

Once again, ZMT increases its portfolio by introducing high electric (E-) field strength resonators (HFR) for the Medical Implant Test System (MITS), which allow direct simplified Tier 1 and Tier 2 evaluations of short (up to 100 mm) implantable medical devices.

MITS High Field Resonator for 3.0T mounted on the MPE-AIMD Platform for measurements with the DASY6 AIMD scanner.


MITS-HFR directly interface to the MITS control and amplifier units of any existing MITS system. Their performance meet the requirements of the ISO/IEC TS10974 standard for testing implants that are electrically short, i.e., not expressing any phase enhancement factors.

Both MITS-HFR1.5 and MITS-HFR3.0 have been fully validated against simulations in Sim4Life. Furthermore, they are portable and can be mounted on the MP-AIMD platforms for evaluations using SPEAG’s DASY6 TX90XL robot.

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