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Jul 2, 2019

Z43 Expands into New Quarters: Moving to the Frontline!

Z43 is on the move! The Virtual Population as well as the simulation software and graphics teams are expanding into beautiful new working quarters at Ankerstrasse / Kräuelgasse, located very near to our main labs and offices. The new workplace, formerly the creative environment of the famous "Fabric Frontline" brand, provides a new home for the entire computational life sciences team and also adds some much-needed meeting space.

The inauguration took place on July 1 with an "Info Day" presentation in the newly designed "Salon" meeting room, followed by an Apéro. Tolga Goren, IT'IS project leader for customized research, gave a presentation on rules of ethics to be followed at Z43. These rules, the "Z43 Guidebook" now available in print, are the culmination of the readings, presentations, and discussions from the Z43 retreat held in January 2019 in Spiez.

Info Day continued with a multimedia presentation from IT'IS Foundation director Niels Kuster on the history of the buildings, with honored guests, our new landlords Andi and Elsa Stutz, who, together with their sister Maya, founded the Fabric Frontline brand in the 1980s.

As usual, Info Day was topped off with a "Cupli" and summer Apéro, this time on the cool, shady patio outside the new buildings, surrounded by its lovely garden - a true gem in the heart of Zurich.


Moving out...


...and moving in

Moving7 8

Spacious new digs, relaxing on the new terrace after a long day of hard work


Tolga presenting the Z43 Guidebook


Presentation by Niels with a photo of the Stutz siblings


Apéro in the garden


Post-apéro piano recital in the "Lounge"

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